Jorge’s Story

Volunteers play a vital role in helping to deliver Brainwave Programs and Events to children and families impacted by neurological conditions. Each month we select one of our outstanding volunteers to feature and say thank you. The answers to the questions below will be published on our website and social media.

Volunteer Name: Jorge Tomas

How long have you volunteered with Brainwave? I have volunteered with Brainwave for eight years, the first time was in July 2011 at the Gala Night. I have volunteered at five camps and far too many Sydney Christmas parties to count!

How did you get started with Brainwave and what drew you to our work and mission? I first volunteered with Brainwave at their Gala Ball. CBA were supplying the EFTPOS machines and I put my hand up to help with the event. Since then I have developed many friendships with the kids and their families. I have a deep admiration for the parents and siblings of these kids – they truly give new meaning to love and family. 

What was your first volunteer day like? How would you describe the volunteer experience? My first volunteer day was at the Gala and it was tiring. I also helped out at a camp and whilst there the kids encouraged me to join them in the activities. I went on a giant swing – jumping off it felt like Everest! I am the sort of person that likes to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground but the kids were very convincing!

What is your favourite part about volunteering with Brainwave? The families and the kids, I take my hat off to each and every one of them.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering with Brainwave? I love travelling back home to Spain, spending time with my 5-year-old granddaughter, spending time with my wife and watching my beloved FC Barcelona play soccer.

What have you learnt from volunteering? I have always had a big heart and am happy to donate my time. Helping others and making kids smile is worth it in my opinion.

Any words of wisdom you live by? Always be kind, use your manners and help others.