Volunteer Event Registration Form – Family Events

Personal Details

Emergency Contact Details

Please provide the contact details of a person we can contact in case of emergency


I am applying to become a Volunteer with Brainwave Australia and declare that:

  • The information contained in this application is true and correct
  • I am willing to work within the Vision, Mission and philosophy of Brainwave Australia
  • I agree to conduct myself in an appropriate manner at all times during my volunteer role
  • I understand that the consumption of alcohol is not permitted during my role as a volunteer
  • I agree to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality with respect to any information obtained during the course of my volunteer work
  • I understand that I will be responsible for my own transportation to and from the location of my volunteer role and that Brainwave is not liable for reimbursement of any of my costs (unless there is prior agreement)
  • I will provide Brainwave Australia at least 48 hours notice if I am unable to fulfil my role due to medical reasons or any other emergency
  • Where it is impractical to communicate with me, I the undersigned authorise Brainwave Australia, and anyone involved in the event, and consent to receiving such medical or surgical treatment or use of an ambulance as may be necessary. I also agree to bear any costs thereby incurred. I approve of this Registration and in so doing agree that Brainwave Australia, its staff, people associated with the event and volunteers shall be released from and shall not incur any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any accident, damage, or loss of property to the applicants of this registration
  • I consent to photos being taken during the event for marketing, social media, and reporting purposes.

Privacy Statement

The information provided in this form will be used by Brainwave Australia for the sole purpose of assessing and recording your application to volunteer with our organisation. Your information will remain strictly confidential at all times and will not be passed onto a third party.