VIC Christmas Party Wrap-Up 2017

Early Sunday morning on 17 December 500+ Brainwave children and their families headed to iconic Luna Park in St Kilda to celebrate the Brainwave Christmas Party. The children were greeted by an exuberant Elf stilt walker and a vibrant circus clown.

Together they captured the children’s imaginations and there were smiles and excitement all around. Inside Luna Park the energy was high as families made their way to their favourite rides. Everyone was treated to a delicious spread of chocolates supplied by Ferrero and our imaginative face painters, James and Elena were kept busy creating beautiful pieces of art on the delightful faces of our children.

Inside the dome tent the younger children, danced, sang and clapped as the Kazoos Children’s Band put on a Christmas show spectacular. They were joined by Frosty the Snowman and Big Bear Brown who delighted the children with their hugs and playful antics. Plenty of photos were taken and of course, Santa made his grand appearance and was joined by an equally long queue of supporters eager to be photographed and gifted.

It has been heart-warming to read testimonials about the wonderful fun families experienced...”...We all had a fantastic time and Lucy has not stopped talking about the scenic railway. The food supplied, the gifts from Santa and the great atmosphere created by everyone involved was really appreciated by all of our family” The Wilson’s.

Our volunteers from QBE, Mercedes Benz and Burberry are to be sincerely thanked for their contribution. They rolled their sleeves up and helped in ensuring the smooth running of the day for everyone. It was lovely to see our volunteers supporting families directly with rides and all volunteers were full of Christmas cheer!

This year’s attendance was record breaking with 564 people registering for the day. BIG thanks go to Chain Reaction, our private Gala sponsors, Burberry and Village Road Show for making this day possible and ensuring a successful event for all of our families.

On a final note our Brainwave Australia Program Manager, Laurence Hennessy has delightfully described her experience, which sums up our whole team sentiment  “It is days like this where we truly come together as a community that makes the day special. It is a day of celebration, an opportunity to touch base, to hear about how families are travelling and to ensure they are in our thoughts – this is what our celebration at this Christmas Party represents. Our families are the cornerstone of our community and we are fortunate to know them and assist wherever possible “

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