thomas-brainwave12 year old Thomas is social, lovable and energetic. He is always happy and smiling and never fails to brighten up his family’s day. Thomas loves being kept busy with playgrounds and swimming, amusement parks and when time and finances permit, Thomas loves a holiday.  Thomas has a pet cat ‘Ollie’ who he adores and according to mum Angie, there might be a little too much love, with Ollie receiving endless cuddles from Thomas.

Thomas lives with an undiagnosed neurological condition along with ataxia and communication difficulties. His condition causes him to loose full control of his movements. He can walk but gets easily knocked over.  According to mum, “Thomas tries really hard to communicate. He uses pictures to help him along with words.  He is progressing but at times can be difficult to understand.  He communicates a lot with eye contact and facial expressions and is trying to use his words more each day.”

Brainwave has helped fund speech therapy sessions for Thomas to help make his speech more audible. Progress takes time but Thomas is doing really well. With this this assistance via Brainwave’s Equipment and Therapies Program, Thomas is able to communicate more clearly with his family, friends and peers.

According to Programs Manager Laurence, “it is important to realise that neurological conditions impact a range of body systems and parts and include symptoms that take time to recover from. When I see a child who has undergone therapy six months down the track and witness the improvements they have made, it makes what we do all the more worthwhile”.

With ongoing assistance from its supporters, Brainwave will be able to help more children like Thomas.