Naomi is an adventurous and happy 8 year old girl from country Victoria. Naomi’s mother registered her with Brainwave in 2014 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Naomi has been able to join in the fun at some of Brainwave’s social events including our Victorian Christmas Party at Luna Park and our 2017 Family Day at Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Brainwave received a funding request for Naomi for a specialised bike, so that Naomi could enjoy physical activity and ride her bike, just like her younger brother. Anna, Naomi’s mother has given us a snapshot of the emotional hardship they face day to day, and how, just a small amount of help can bring such happiness to Naomi’s world.

“I have been meaning to send a card and photo to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for Brainwave’s generosity to fund Naomi’s bike. Naomi was so delighted when the bike arrived as she was just out of hospital after pneumonia.  Unfortunately less than a week later she was admitted at the RCH for pancreatitis for 9 days.  Within less than 3 weeks she was airlifted to the RCH from Warrnambool hospital for acute illness for a month’s stay in hospital and Melbourne.

Currently she’s admitted again to the Warrnambool hospital after only 2 weeks at home.  In which time she was able to ride her bike once which brought her so much joy.  The bike has made a wonderful difference to her.  It has also encouraged her physical activity after being so de-conditioned in hospital for over 3 months now.

She has had 4 brain surgeries and 2 years of chemotherapy.  Being on steroids and trauma to her hypothalamus from the brain surgeries / tumour increased her weight to an abnormal level. Last year when her younger brother with Down syndrome started to be able to ride a bike with training wheels it reignited her desire to ride again.  But this goal was delayed due to financial restrictions and challenges of finding a bike that would suit her.

Your generosity has made Naomi’s dream of feeling “free” on wheels come true!  For this we are so grateful and would like to express our sincere thanks to Brainwave and your generous donors for making this happen for Naomi.” Anna, Naomi’s Mother.