Marta is a sweet little girl 9 year old with cerebral palsy, intractable epilepsy, and is legally blind. Her giggles bring joy to everyone around her. She enjoys listening to orchestral music, bird songs, and reading bedtime stories with her older brother.

To control her epilepsy and decrease the frequency of life threatening seizures, and the need to attend the emergency department, Marta is restricted to a special nutrition diet called KetoCal, which is prohibitively expensive. Together with her rehabilitation team, Marta’s parents reached out to Brainwave. Through our Essential Equipment and Therapy funding program, Brainwave has made it possible for Marta to continue with her ketogenic regime and keep her epilepsy under control. The family would have a major difficulty purchasing KetoCal in the months ahead if not for Brainwave’s support.

Marta’s parents said “As parents, we have our child’s best interests at heart, and it is difficult to realize that, despite our best efforts, we cannot provide our daughter with everything she needs at this time. This makes us deeply thankful for Brainwave’s support of our family and other families like ours.”