IMG_6152-webThree year old Lucy loves to be part of the family action and keeping up with her four older siblings is top priority. When Lucy was three days old her mum and dad started to get clues that she had some health issues. At first she was diagnosed with a hole in the heart, then she had some seizures and at four months old it became obvious she was not keeping up with developmental milestones. At 10 months Lucy was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Lucy’s mum Kylie said, “It was a difficult time for our family as we were trying to manage our three older kids while also attending to Lucy’s medical needs.  We spent, and continue to spend, an enormous amount of time and energy attempting to create a family environment where Lucy and her siblings can all share in each other’s fun.”

In her first three years of life Lucy experienced heart failure, seizures, fractures, operations, a multitude of invasive tests and investigations, plus lengthy hospital stays and more medical appointments than you can count. She attends weekly physiotherapy, speech, occupational and hydrotherapy, along with other allied health and medical appointments.

Brainwave funded a slide, swing and supportive seat that has enabled Lucy to be included in family fun. According to Kylie, the play equipment is used almost every day. Going to the park can be difficult so having this equipment at home is helpful. The Go-to-Seat for Lucy has made travel easier. Recently the family took it on a trip to Inverloch which made it easier for Lucy and her family.

Lucy is progressing well and is doing her best to keep up with her siblings and friends. Kylie says, “As a family we are constantly amazed and inspired by Lucy’s strength and determination – she will give anything a go!”

According to Brainwave General Manager, Caroline Scully, “one of Brainwave’s core values is inclusion. Having the right equipment is often key to families being able to get out and about and to have full participation within the community. This funding has allowed Lucy and her family to spend time together and has gone some way to improving Lucy’s quality of life. This is what Brainwave is all about – we love this”.

According to Kylie, over the last year Lucy and the family have really enjoyed their involvement with Brainwave. They appreciate the funding support and the sense of community that Brainwave provides.  Kylie said, “we hope that with the support of family, friends and organisations like Brainwave, Lucy will be able to do more of the things our other children do so easily’.

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