Jack and Family

This is Jack. Jack was born with a rare genetic condition called Sotos Syndrome. This causes physical overgrowth during the first years of life and often means delayed motor, cognitive and social development, low muscle tone and impaired speech.

Jack-PatersonInitially Jack relied on a frame for mobility. These days he can walk and run thanks to the intensive efforts of his parents and his big sister, five years his senior. Jack attends school, which he absolutely loves.

Jack’s mum is a nurse, which has been a huge help to the family in understanding Jack’s condition and managing his care. “Being a nurse has given me flexibility when it comes to Jack’s care and support,” she says. She is also a big rap for Chelsea’s efforts on her little brother’s behalf. “Chelsea is fantastic and a great support,” she says.

Joining Brainwave has given the family additional help, which proved especially useful when Jack’s dad was between jobs. “When things are tough you really appreciate free activities like Brainwave camps,” Jack’s mum says. “They mean a lot to the whole family.”