Cornelius is a happy and social 13-year-old who enjoys spending time with his siblings and friends. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth, and his hands are unsteady, meaning he is unable to feed himself or perform other tasks. Cornelius has a keen interest in creative pursuits and uses his left foot to draw. He also uses his foot to navigate a keyboard and mouse when using Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop programs to create designs and edit photographs.

Cornelius’ parents approached Brainwave to request an Obi Robotic Feeding Device (Neater Eater). They felt that the device would benefit the entire family by improving mealtimes, Cornelius would have more independence, and his mum would be able to eat dinner with the rest of the family instead of feeding her son as was usually the case.

Cornelius’ family were thrilled to receive Brainwave’s support, “Thank you. By providing assistance to a child, hope is given, and children are motivated to excel.”

We are delighted to have made a positive impact on their lives. Thank you to our partners and supporters, together we can continue to make a real difference.