Chandelle and Family

YMCA-Camp-18th-Oct-2014-154When the parents of Chandelle were told she had a rare form of ‘fluid on the brain’, she was one month old. She underwent multiple surgeries and developed post-operative meningitis. At five months of age Chandelle was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, most likely the result of brain damage caused by her conditions.

Just after Chandelle’s first birthday she experienced her first seizure and subdural haemorrhage. These have recurred regularly ever since. By the age of 10 Chandelle had developed epilepsy, anaphylaxis, urticaria, dermographism and osteoporosis (the latter causing 14 broken bones in just one two-year period). At last count she had been admitted to hospital more than 100 times.

Chandelle’s spirit is indomitable, according to her proud parents. “Chandelle is a gorgeous girl, she’s into everything – craft, drawing, colouring in, dancing and basketball. She tries her hardest at everything and refuses to let her conditions get her down.”