Brainwave work very closely with the wonderful Social Work team at  Sydney Children’s Hospital Network-Randwick. Danielle, a Senior Social Worker and her team, connect Brainwave to children in hospital for a range of neurological diagnosis.

Together, we help kids through funding for essential equipment and therapy to help get from hospital to  home and into the community, with meal vouchers nearby at The Street Canteen, emergency accommodation at one of the beautiful Sydney Lodges properties, and our of course our comforting Bear Essential Packs- pictured here with Danielle

What do you enjoy most about your workplace?
There are so many  numerous parts of my workplace that I enjoy, but I really love working with the amazing staff, who are so dedicated to supporting others and  who inspire me in so many ways. My colleagues make my job enjoyable. I love working with and supporting the diversity of children and their families to help navigate the process of illness/ disability from hospital to home and the frequent admissions to hospital.
I also appreciate the daily challenges offered in my job and workplace and that no one day is the same as the next.

What do you enjoy most about connecting with Brainwave, and what attracts you to our work and mission?
Brainwave has always been very approachable and encouraging in regard to supporting families in need. Their mission aligns with the hospital workplace with their desire to support families as they navigate a child’s health journey. Brainwave’s values also align with social work values in their respect, sensitive and welcoming philosophy offering to assist without prejudice.  In my experience it is always a pleasure to connect to Brainwave as they try to do all they can to support families whose child is in need, and whose staff are engaging and keen to foster cooperative relationships with community agencies, such as ours.

Any words of wisdom you live by?
Living life at risk is jumping off a cliff and growing your wings on the way down.
Life’s too short, eat dessert first.