We are fortunate to work closely with Kate and the amazing Social work team at Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, Westmead. Kate and her team connect our organisation to children that are in hospital with a range of neurological diagnosis. Together, we assist these children and their families by providing funding for essential equipment and therapies to help transition from hospital to home as quickly as possible. In addition, our families receive further support from our meal vouchers at the hospital cafeteria, and are eligible for emergency accommodation assistance at the nearby Holiday Inn Paramatta, and of course our comforting Bear Essential Packs. A big thank-you from us to all involved in this amazing network, working together to make a difference

What do you enjoy most about your workplace?
How everyone who works at CHW is so committed to working together for the best outcomes for families. And meeting and working with lots of different families from different walks of life and backgrounds, it keeps the work and my days interesting.

What do you enjoy most about connecting with Brainwave, and what attracts you to our work and mission?
How ready and willing Brainwave are to offer support to families and to be flexible in their approach/ the support they offer to best meet family’s needs.

Any words of wisdom you live by?
Take each day as it comes.