On Sunday 17 July 250+ Brainwave children and their families were treated to a winter wonderland family day extravaganza at the O’brien Group Arena! The day included entertainment by the Ice Princess who mesmerized us with her twirls and Melbourne Ice captivated our aspirations and dreams as children tried their luck at penalty shoot outs. Mums and dads showed us their dance moves much to the joy of their children and Skater Dude was ever so cool as he mixed in with the ‘in-crowd’. To top-off the day, families stayed and watched a thrilling game of ice hockey between Melbourne Ice and Sydney Bears. Definitely not a game for the light hearted! It was so good to see Melbourne Ice take the trophy home!.

The day could not have been possible without support from our corporate volunteers Mercedes Benz and QBE and our community volunteers. Together they helped with registration, skate fitting, food preparation and serving, helping children to skate, crowd control and more. A special mention to the O’brien Group Arena staff and their team of volunteers, Melbourne Ice players and skate school students who ensured our families had a fun yet safe time on the ice.

Many businesses contributed to the day including CK Foods, Prydes, Celebrating Christmas.com.au and Ferrero – who we are proud to be associated with and who shower our children with delightful chocolates at each of our events. But most importantly, to the Obrien Group Arena who sponsored the entire event – it was such a generous gesture. We are forever grateful.

Finally, a big thank you to Melbourne Ice players who skated with our children before their big game. To see the look of sheer joy on the faces of our children being supported by players was priceless. Young Jack and his sibling Sam were selected to drop the puck before the game and coincidentally also won the raffle – the prize being a signed Jersey by the players. How exciting and good karma as Melbourne Ice defeated Sydney Bears. We hope that families had a great day and look forward to catching up again at our next family event.

From the team at Brainwave.