On Friday October 23—15 Brainwave families travelled to Camp Jungai in the Rubicon Valley to experience a weekend of much needed respite and fun.

For Brainwave’s Program Manager, Laurence Hennessy, Camp Brainwave is an annual highlight that aims to bring families together and to foster long lasting friendships among registered families. Laurence says, “we put a lot of effort into the location and the activities and how we organise our groups. We really focus on creating a memorable experience for our families, we appreciate how precious the weekends are and want them to leave having had a great time. We know we’ve done our job when it comes time to leave, we see that friendships have formed and siblings have made new buddies. It’s a very heart-warming and humbling experience”.

For the Burrows family from Melbourne, this is the third time they have been away together as a family since son Brodie’s birth five years ago. Brodie was born with an undiagnosed neurometabolic disorder that is part of world-wide research project. They are seeking to discover the gene that rendered him physically and intellectually disabled with life-threatening seizures.

For mum Deanne, “the camp experience was amazing, I just smiled, what an absolutely stunning location. Straight away Brainwave treated us as family. Over the weekend we were treated to activities such as canoeing, high ropes, an amazing photo rally and an aboriginal cultural session.  All the activities were inclusive and even Brodie went canoeing…well he splashed the water at least and was lifted of the ground with high ropes”. For Brodie’s sibling Kye, meeting the volunteers was a highlight. “They were like angels, giving him the attention that he craves, needs and desires” according to mum Deanne.

Brainwave would like to thank Mercedes-Benz volunteers, Ben, Emilie, Jacky and partner Sara and  QBE volunteer Emily and her partner Jay and community volunteer Jess for their amazing efforts to make Camp Brainwave such a great success.

Volunteer Emilie said, “I came to Camp Brainwave not knowing what to expect. I left having made new friends and meeting incredible people. I experienced a whole new world. Seeing how courageous and brave people can be including children”.

Camp would not have been made possible without the generous financial contribution from Collier Charitable Fund. Thank you to all the families, staff and volunteers for making Camp Brainwave, Victoria 2015 such a memorable event.