Brainwave went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo…

The amazing Melbourne Zoo was the venue for Brainwave’s annual VIC Family Day on Sunday 17 March, and what a day it was!

Over 200 Brainwave children and families joined us on an exciting journey through a world of wildlife, for a day packed with fun activities.

Children and their families delighted in visiting over 300 different species of animals at the Zoo, and a highlight for many was listening to the fascinating Zoo Keeper talks. Families had the opportunity to hear about the Lions, Gorillas, Meerkats and Elephants from the people who know them best – their keepers.  Brainwave children, parents, siblings and carers enjoyed learning from the experts about the animals in their care and the conservation work being done to protect various species.

Faces and arms were painted with fabulously bright, colourful and intricate designs by the very talented face painting fairies Janelle and Bec, who had a continuous queue of eager children patiently awaiting their turn throughout the day.

Our roving entertainer, Sim the Lion, wowed the crowds with his hilarious antics as he interacted with families and he had a crowd of captivated children trailing behind him wherever he went! After much searching around the Zoo, they even managed to help him find his missing nose by the end of the day!

Children had the chance to get creative at the arts & crafts table and played with hula hoops, quoits, bocce and bubbles at the outdoor games area.

A delicious and hearty buffet BBQ lunch provided sustenance for the day’s activities and families took away special treats from Ferrero and Whirly Windmills at the end of the day.

Some of the fantastic feedback we’ve had from happy families who attended the day includes, “…thank you all for our wonderful day of entertainment and exploration of the most important animals that are becoming extremely extinct. Thanks also for the beautiful meal, the spread of food was amazing and for keeping us refreshed with drinks. Our greatest appreciation to you all. We as a family would never have been able to afford an amazing experience like this.” With another family adding, “…thank you for a lovely event at the Zoo…the food was amazing, and my son even let someone paint a rainbow on his arm! Fantastic all round.”

A terrific team of corporate volunteers from QBE and members of Brainwave’s Board, along with the fantastic Zoo event staff, brought an added element of fun, laughter and care to this very special day.

Brainwave would like to sincerely thank the 51 families who came to the Zoo on a wonderfully warm, sunny Sunday, to share in all the fun with us.

We can’t wait until next time!

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