Household financial assistance


Household Financial Assistance

At the core of Brainwave’s values is a drive and determination to improve the lives of the children and families that we support.

In the past we have provided extraordinary financial support to families when it’s required. This support can take many and varied forms. Examples of this support includes but is not limited to:

  • vehicle maintenance
  • bathroom renovation to accommodate equipment
  • paying for respite care
  • childcare fees
  • household bills

We understand that a sick child turns worlds upside-down and children often return home to a very different family dynamic and financial situation.  Whatever the special needs of a particular family may be and in order to manage the family’s wellbeing, we encourage you to reach out to Brainwave and see if we can help.

What is the eligibility criteria?

  • Any child up to the age of 18, with a diagnosed neurological condition, is eligible for support through Brainwave.
  • The child and family/carer need to be registered with Brainwave Australia

How to apply?

  1. Read the guidelines for funding to ensure eligibility
  2. Apply for funding here