Equipment Funding

Equipment Funding

Another key program run by Brainwave is its funding of mobility and rehabilitation equipment

 What we are seeing more and more is a requirement for often expensive, specialised equipment to get children out of hospital and back into their home environment to help their recovery.  We also see homes and family vehicles requiring expensive modifications to enable children to move about and be integrated back into family life.

While there are a number of funding sources available to children with neurological conditions, there are many children who have requirements that go above and beyond the traditional funding criteria and limits.  This is where Brainwave steps in.

Funding applications are reviewed at the end of each month and applicants are notified shortly thereafter.

The funding program is open between February to November each year. Applications received in December and January will be reviewed in February.Each family’s needs are unique and in fairness, each case is decided individually . For further enquiries contact Brainwave 1300 766 819.
“Thank you for supporting us by purchasing a wheelchair for our son Sebastian whilst he undergoes treatment. It has made a big difference to us, we really appreciate organisations like yours that make a difference in such tough times.”


What is the eligibility criteria?

Any child up to the age of 18, with a diagnosed neurological condition, is eligible for support through Brainwave.
The child and family/carer need to be registered with Brainwave Australia

What support is available?

Brainwave funds equipment and aids that assist children with a neurological condition to improve their quality of life. In general but not limited to, this includes:

equipment for home care (standing frame, pressure mattress, bathing aid)
rehabilitation and mobility  equipment (wheelchair, walking frame, specialised trikes)
home and car modifications (ramps, door frame widening, chair lifts, car hoists)

How to apply

Read the guidelines for funding to ensure eligibility
Apply for funding here