Equipment and therapy funding guidelines


Am I eligible to apply?

The funding recipient must be aged 0 – 18 years, have a diagnosed neurological condition and be registered with Brainwave Australia available through

What can I apply for?

  • Brainwave Australia approves requests for equipment and/or therapies that offer practical and/or emotional support to the child/family and/or are necessary for discharge from hospital and/or rehabilitation/recovery in the home/community environment.
  • Brainwave does not reimburse for items purchased before funding is approved.

Who can apply?

  • All families with a Brainwave registered child are eligible to apply for funding
  • All requests need to be made by a hospital/ medical service representative overseeing the care of the child

How do I apply?

  • Check the child and family are registered with Brainwave or with consent, register the family
  • Complete an online Brainwave Equipment and Therapy Funding Application Form available through
  • Upload a letter of support from hospital/ medical service representative overseeing the care of the child (may be the same as applicant)
  • Upload a quote from a supplier that is not the same person/organisation writing the support letter to avoid a conflict of interest.

When do I hear of the outcome of my application?

  • Funding applications are reviewed at the end of each month and applicants are notified shortly after by letter.
  • The funding program is open between February to November each year.
  • All funding applications received from 1 December- 31 Jan  will be reviewed in February 2020

What is the criteria for deciding funding requests?

  • Approval for funding is at the discretion of Brainwave and is subject to the number of applications, the amount requested and funds available. Applications can be part funded.
  • Brainwave does not receive any government funding. Funds available are subject to the success of Brainwave funding raising initiatives.
  • For applications that include a part payment from SWEP – Please be aware that unfortunately at this stage, Brainwave are only able to consider funding equipment that is categorised by SWEP as a priority item or order now.

What is the process once funding is approved?

We ask that the hospital/health service representative organise an invoice within 30 days of receipt of the letter of approval. The invoice needs to be made out to Brainwave for the specified equipment or therapy. After which time, funds will be redirected unless renegotiated.

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