A neurological condition can affect any one, at any time

My name is Laurence Hennessy and I am the Programs Manager here at Brainwave Australia.

My daughter, Pip, is 16 years old.  Pip was a typical teenager until six months ago when she was struck down with a mystery virus that sent her to the intensive care unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital for 10 days.  It was a rare neurological condition that sent our lives into a tail spin.

I know first-hand that a neurological condition can affect any one at any time.

Take my situation – never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that my personal and professional worlds would collide like they did.

I can’t recall another time in my life when the need for support was so critical to our survival as a family.  While Pip was in the best place in terms of her needs, my husband and son and I relied on our friends and community to get through the toughest times.  It is this very thing – care and support that Brainwave provides to over 800 families.

Pip’s condition is still only partially diagnosed and she faces lengthy rehabilitation before we expect to say that she has made a full recovery and there is always the risk a reoccurrence that we are living with.

Research tells us that children and youth are most at risk of developing a disorder such as brain cancer, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, stroke, childhood MS and acquired brain injuries.  Brainwave currently supports over 800 children and their families, who are living with a neurological condition.

Here are two families, similar to yours or mine, who talk about their experience after attending a Brainwave Family Day event…

“We want to thank you for a wonderful day. My children laughed so hard together. I warmed my heart to see them so happy in the lead up to Reece’s neurosurgery. Thank you for creating an amazing memory for our family.”

“Having a child with a disability isn’t easy. It can be quite anxiety inducing when faced with new situations, your child may cry and make a scene or be stared at because they are different or not be able to participate because they can’t walk or talk. Being at your event with other families allowed us to relax and enjoy the day without a care in the world. Our lives are all about making beautiful memories which is exactly what we did thanks to Brainwave.   Thank you again for a special day that will hold a place in our hearts forever.”

Sadly, the need to help these children and their families is not slowing down, so your support will help provide the critical therapies, equipment and social support that our families desperately need all year round.

Please give what you can today.  Donate now.

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