Partners & Sponsors


Principal Partner – Mercedes-Benz Australia:

In March 2012, Brainwave Australia proudly announced their partnership with Mercedes-Benz Australia. This philanthropic partnership will help pave the way for a very exciting future for Brainwave Australia, which directly transfers to more help and increased support for the children with brain illnesses and their families which they support.

Mercedes-Benz Australia does not take its social responsibilities lightly; they are committed to making a real-world difference to the lives of the children and families which Brainwave Australia supports. The partnership between this flagship brand and Brainwave Australia was a logical move, linking Mercedes-Benz Australia’s strong road safety focus and Brainwave’s mission.

Partnering with Brainwave will allow Mercedes-Benz Australia to give back to the community in a bigger way. Hans Tempel (who was CEO at the time) said “It is not just about handing over a cheque and walking away. We want to be involved and we invite our staff to be involved. “We are delighted to be contributing financially through a cash contribution and also through in-kind donations in the form of employee volunteering and skilled assistance.”

Current CEO – Juergen Sauer  is just as committed to providing this support to Brainwave.

The generous support provided by Mercedes-Benz Australia means so much more than just a financial donation, albeit a vital part of our support of brain damaged and affected children.

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