About Brainwave

Brainwave was established in 1994 to support the treatment and care of children suffering from brain illnesses (neuroscience).

Neuroscience covers a wide range of disorders including brain tumours, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, strokes, childhood MS, injury acquired through the road accidents or trauma and other acquired brain injuries.

Today, Brainwave is Australia’s only charity supporting paediatric neuroscience - and the problem is immense in its social and financial effects within our communities. In Victoria alone, more than 14,000 clinical treatments associated with brain and nervous system disorders are delivered every year.  In New South Wales the annual figure climbs past 20,000 and sadly these figures are closely reflected in other states.

Since establishment, Brainwave has provided millions of dollars in support and care.

The direct effects of brain disorders in children influence every facet of the child’s life and this extends to the family over many, many years and often permanently.

Thus, Brainwave’s role reaches beyond the care of an un-well child.  We offer comprehensive support to the whole family by helping with in-home rehabilitation and vital equipment.  The objective is to reduce stress and alleviate the inevitable financial pressures on the family.

Brainwave’s work allows children to be discharged from hospital sooner.  This not only reduces the financial and bed-day stress on hospitals, but there is strong evidence to suggest that children recover better and quicker in their home environment, providing that the relevant support mechanisms are in place so that the family can cope.

Further examples of Brainwave’s work include our Parent Support Groups which provide the opportunity for parents to meet and share their experiences and the challenges of dealing with very sick children … and, of course, our new “Brainspace” Web Forum, which is designed to provide a direct two-way communication link in real time between the children, medical experts, parents and other family members who are directly effected.

Essentially, Brainwave is an enabling organisation with two main interlocking aims:

  1. Helping children to cope with and overcome brain disorders or acquired brain injury  and
  2. Providing support and assistance to the families of those so afflicted.